Devil's Tuning Fork

Devil's Tuning Fork 1.0

See though sound in this tense adventure


  • Very atmospheric
  • Unique style


  • Can be frustrating


Devil's Tuning Fork is a creepy first person adventure. The world has been hit by an epidemic of children falling into a coma. And you play one of these children, who awakes in a bizarre alternate reality.

In the opening moments of the game you're introduced to the simple controls and find the Devil's Tuning Fork. The alternate reality is dark, and only visible when sound waves are emitted through it, from the fork. Clicking the mouse button emits a sound wave, which briefly lights up the world around you. This gives the game an immediate sense of claustrophobia.

The world holds trapped children, who help you as you find and awaken them. You are searching for the cause of the epidemic, with the help of the mysterious fork. It's extremely tense and atmospheric, especially if played with headphones.

You'll need a fairly high spec machine to run Devil's Tuning Fork smoothly otherwise lag and jerkiness make it extremely hard to play. Because you're often in darkness, it often gets disorientating and confusing, and sometimes this may be frustrating. Never the less, it's a unique experience and on you're certainly not likely to forget!

Devil's Tuning Fork, with it's unusual seeing by sound waves idea is a unique game, and also a fairly disturbing one.

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Devil's Tuning Fork


Devil's Tuning Fork 1.0

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